Each election cycle typically brings a number of proposed constitutional amendments to our state constitution. These amendments take the form of ballot initiatives that require 60 percent approval from the voters throughout the state. For many voters, the ballot initiatives can be confusing if not downright frustrating to wade through.

The non-profit NAME of ORG’s constitutional amendments project tries to make the amendments easier to understand by providing a non-partisan explanation and analysis. Our intent is not to argue for or against any particular amendment. Instead, we clarify the implications both pro and con, differentiate between fact and opinion and give voters a better opportunity to make an informed choice that reflects their beliefs and desires.

Voters will find three proposed amendments on the ballot this year: Amendment 1 asks voters whether they want to dedicate a third of the tax assessed on property sales to state-run programs that purchase environmentally sensitive lands and protect wildlife and water resources; Amendment 2 asks voters whether the state should allow marijuana to be sold legally to patients suffering from certain medical conditions; Amendment 3 asks voters whether the in-coming governor or his predecessor should appoint Florida Supreme Court justices when the terms for those jurists expires on the same day a newly elected governor is inaugurated.

Those are three disparate questions that have real implications for our state. As every voter knows, the language included on the ballot will more than likely raise as many questions as it answers. That’s why we think it’s important to read the content on this site before casting a ballot.

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